SPM for Switch Testing

We have a special Purpose machine in our basket for testing of switches as it is a necessary and important process in switch gear manufacturing industry. But also it’s a monotonous as well as human decision dependent job. The rejection due to human error can cause production loss. This machine can be customized for any switch as per requirement and enables automatic testing as well as marking of rejected and selected products, Ensuring stringent quality checks and testing service. 

Thanks to its intelligent design, the SPM is cost effective, requires minimal maintenance and is highly reliable.

SPM for CNC resistance Welding

We have delivered a 3 AXIS Resistance Welding SPM which is used for manufacturing a 66 inches Round Jaali of SS/MS Wire. This SPM is capable of Winding the Wire and Doing Spot Resistance welding at programmed Location .The X-Axis and Z-Axis is the linear axis and Base AXIS which holds the Job is Rotary. The arrangement done for holding the job is a Pneumatic arrangement which firmly holds the job. Also it consists of pneumatic Job release Function.

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R1K5 - The Smart Articulated Robot

This is the smartest robot comes under the Make in India.

Its compact design will give you the best performance in small volume

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