All Industrial Automation & SPM

Industrial Automation is a wide domain. In this ASHTATECH specializes in Precision automation ranging from ASHTA’S Robotic Arm integrations with machines etc to building Special Purpose Machines for intricate applications glue dispensing in Automobile roof fitting etc. ASHTA tech has served almost every type of industry ranging from PCB manufacturing, Automobile Components Ancilliaries to Plastic Moulding Industry. Now recently ASHTATECH is also working in core sections of Aeronautical and Aerospace Industry which are the most Precision driven industries on the planet.

Industrial Automation Systems are usually categorized into four types.

  • Fixed Automation System
  • Programmable Automation System
  • Flexible Automation System
  • Integrated Automation System

ASHTATECH is capable of providing solutions in all the categories.

ASHTATECH Strongly believes in the principle of the Motto “Win for Customer and Win for Team”

Our Automation systems give customers the following benefits:

  • Increase in production
  • Reducing the total cost of operation
  • Improving the quality of the product
  • Efficient and proper use of raw materials
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase business profits


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