BR-ULTRA is a Cartesian Robotic System very popular for huge payload Capabilities. It is a Slide based robot driven by high-speed Servos and transmission is based on high grade super finished ground precision ball-screw. The build quality of the robot is so good that the parallelity of the system is maintained for years keeping the system accurate for long life.

Axis: 5

Reach: 200mm to 1500mm

Motors: Servo/ Close-Loop Stepper

Applications: Machine Tending, Material Handling, Food Processing Automation, Packaging, Glueing of surfaces, Palatalizing, Automatic Assembly on Conveyor Line etc. , Pick and place of Inserts & Finished Jobs in Plastic Molding Machine, Pick and Place

Structure: Gantry

Mounting: Floor, Wall & Angle.

Software: ASHROB TOUCHY – Easy to use Software.





The Cartesian Co-ordinate Robot (also called Linear Robot) is an industrial robot whose three principal axes of control are linear (i.e. they move in a straight line and are at right angles to each other. The three sliding joints correspond to moving the wrist up-down, in-out,back-forth. Among other advantages, this mechanical

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arrangement simplifies the Robot control arm solution. Cartesian coordinate robots with the horizontal member supported at both ends are sometimes called Gantry robots; mechanically, they resemble gantry cranes.


A most common task needing automation is Multi-Line Palletizing, sometimes referred to as built-to-order palletizing or order-building palletizing.

Fundamentally, these types of systems allow a distributor to build final pallet orders to ship directly to the end-user by way of pulling from multiple lines of same type product pallets. The robot is told what quantities of each type of product should be used to build a final complete pallet for shipping. It then automatically builds that pallet using an available product from a variety of other source pallets inside the reach of the work cell. When one of those pallets runs out of product, a new pallet of that product type is delivered to an empty location where the robot can continue to pull items from it.

Gantry robots are one of the best solutions for multi-line palletizing situations due to the virtually unlimited length of pallets that could be placed in the envelope to pull from. In contrast, an articulated arm’s limited reach can generally only build extremely limited quantities of build-to-order pallets unless placed on a rail. In that case, the articulated arm has effectively just become the end-of-arm tool of a gantry robot.

Technical Specifications

Axis 5 nos
Accuracy (+/-)0.05 mm
Reach 200 to 1500 mm
Motors Servo/ Close-Loop Stepper
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