BR Slick

Br Slick is a Single-axis robot comprises of a combination of a motor-driven ballscrew or belt and linear guideway system. These compact and lightweight units can be customized and can be easily transformed into a multi-axis system, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Depending on the application needs, ASHTA offers a single-axis robot that will save space and assembly time.

    • Payload: Upto 300 Kg.
    • Reach: 20 mm to 2400 mm
    • Applications:- Any Pick and place in automation, Welding slides, Glueing, Precision Assembly, Plastic Moulding pick and place, CNC Loading & Unloading etc…


Ashta has a decade of experience of making CNC machines. By taking this experience we manufactured very rigid and easy to handle single-axis linear actuators.

BR-Prima Catalog

It saves space and assembly time. Ready to use

These actuators can be used for a variety of application in automation.

These slides are compatible with Servo as well as Stepper Motors.




Technical Specifications

Axis 1 nos
Accuracy (+/-)0.02 mm
Motors Servo/ Close-Loop Stepper/Stepper
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