BR-Prima is a six-axis articulated Robotic Arm developed for repetitive & Monotonous operations where the skill of man is not required and can be used for needy operations. BR-Prima is specially designed and built to sustain the harsh environments like chemical factories and high-temperature conditions where it is dangerous and harmful for humans to work.

Payload: 3 – 10 Kg     l        Reach: 750 – 1250 mm

Applications: Machine Tending, Material Handling, Food Processing Automation, Packaging, Palletizing, Pick and Place.


Weight: 50 kg


BR-Prima Catalog BR-PRIMA: 6 Axis Robotic Arm:

This is a highly popular Robot in Industrial use. It is widely used Pick and Place, Palletizing and Machine tending applications

The Robot has upgraded Models which consists of Vision System which can detect the orientation of the picked object and can place it correcting the orientation. This robot is enabled with AI and Machine Learning

Below are the special features of BR-PRIMA:

Advance Motion Planning

  • The Intelligent GUI Shows and simulates the Actual path of operations making the user aware of motion planning.
  • The Pre-planned motion technique enables the user to check the chances of collisions and accidents in future.


Advance Inverse Kinematics.

  • The complex Back-end programming is so well done making the complex inverse kinematics easy to understand.
  • User-friendly GUI for the real-time path analysis for the operator.


Robot Modelling Workspace analysis.

ASHTATECH is known for producing user-friendly products with advance features using in house developed hardware and software BR-Prima the 6 Axis Articulated robotic arm has its uses in applications such as:

Pallatizing packing robot 6 axis robotarticulated

Palletizing packing robot 6 axes articulated robot.

  • Component picking and component handling automation
  • In-mould decorating (IMD) process automation
  • In-mould labelling (IML) process automation
  • Insert loading automation in Plastic injection Moulding.
  • One press to another  press transfer process automation
  • Assembly line or cell automation
  • Picking, Stacking & sorting automation
  • Packaging and palletizing automation
  • Inspection process automation
  • Any auxiliary operations

These Robotic Arms serves such a wide range of applications making it a star player in the industrial arena.

Its multidisciplinary use ensures fast ROI and Value for money product gives overall satisfaction.


Technical Specifications

Payload 3 - 10 Kg Kg
Reach 750 - 1250 mm
Speed x, y, z 180 deg/sec
Speed a, b, c 360 deg/sec
End Effector Pneumatic/Motorized
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