A.I.P. Lab

A.I.P lab Consitsof Machinery and Robots to replicate the actual production layout used in any automated Production or manufacturing industry. The A.I.P lab consists of Vertical Machining Center(VMC), A Robotic Arm and Production Conveyor which can together be used for the Production process replication. The Number and type of machinery can be customised as per requirement.

Application: Research and Development Labs, Institutes, Engineering Arenas.




The A.I.P Lab is built to focus on training people in Modular Automation Production Systems which range from basics of Low-cost automation to PLC (Program and Logic Control) to SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) systems. Participants will be trained on the Modular Production Systems (MPS) which will give insights into the industrial production process. Also included are work stations which are focused on providing training in Servo Motor Drive Systems Sensors for “object detection”, PLC and Human Machine Interface (HMI), Electro-Hydraulic and Basic & Advance electro-pneumatics. It also has a Six-Station MPS. The Robotic Arm Stations built inside the campus provides students with hands-on experience over Robotic Systems.

The design lab will focus on helping the auto component industry in the design and development of new products, especially in the Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. Furthermore, the design lab is also equipped with 16 high-definition workstations, a 3D Scanner and Design Software. In use is the Dassault 3-D Experience Software, which is one of the widely used design software which includes tools for reverse engineering, tool designing and product development

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