Automatic Hot Melt Glue Dispensing System for Mattress

Ashta Tech Produces the ultra-precise and durable machines with complete factory setup for mattress industry. The completely make in India machines provide very ergonomic as well as Long life durability machines keeping the machines economical but at the same time high on quality. We have used a Nordson Pro blue series hot melt dispenser in this system. ASHMAT Glue dispensing systems for mattresses is a Great capacity mattress hot melt glue line with high versatility of mattresses. ASHMAT line by Ashta Tech provides ergonomic solutions for assembling mattress units with high output. Foam encapsulated units, traditional spring units, latex, visco, and felt, solid foam layers are easily assembled with the least number of employees, standardized glue consumption and highest efficiency. Although ASHMAT Glue Line Series provides fast assembly process, it offers the highest versatility thanks to automatic mattress length, width and height detection system. The advanced control system provides permanent accuracy of glue positioning by eliminating all the effects of different colour sensitivity, electrostatic charge of foam sheets and surrounding electrical interference. ASHMAT comes with various tailor made combinations which are all studied and designed for your production. The glue line can be consisted of 1-2-3-4-5 gluing machines according to your capacity, general type of mattresses, level of versatility of your mattress models, your plant layout, etc.