BR - Ultra

The Accura-Cartesian Robot.

  • Axis: 3-5
  • Accuracy: (+/-)0.05 mm
  • Reach: 100 mm to 2500 mm
  • Motors: Servo/ Close-Loop Stepper
  • Supply: Single Phase
  • Application:                                                                                                        Pick and Place, Pick and place of Inserts & Finished Jobs in Plastic Molding Machine, Gluing, Automatic Assy on Conveyor Line etc…

A Cartesian Co-ordinate Robot (also called Linear Robot) is an industrial robot whose three principal axes of control are linear (i.e. they move in a straight line rather than rotate) and are at right angles to each other.The three sliding joints correspond to moving the wrist up-down,in-out,back-forth. Among other advantages, this mechanical arrangement simplifies the Robot control arm solution. Cartesian coordinate robots with the horizontal member supported at both ends are sometimes called Gantry robots; mechanically, they resemble gantry cranes, although the latter are not generally robots. Gantry robots are often quite large.

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