The all new Cylindrical Robot

  • Axis: 5
  • Accuracy: (+/-)0.5mm
  • Reach: 200mm to 1500mm
  • Motors: Servo/ Close-Loop Stepper
  • Supply: Single Phase
  • Application:Pick and Place, Gluing, Palatalizing .

BR Roto-Cylindrical Robot: The motion of the main arm is up and down. The robot can perform this motion by extending a cylinder that’s built into the arm. In most cylindrical robots, the up-and-down motion is provided by a pneumatic cylinder, and the rotation is generally provided by a motor and gears.This is highly capable and very popular Robot especially in the field of Packaging industry and Warehouses. It is widely used for pick and place applications of high payloads. The Robot has upgraded models which consists of Vision System which can detect the orientation of the picked object and can place it correcting the orientation. This robot is enabled with AI and Machine Learning.