The Smart Articulated Robot

  • Axis: 5-6
  • Accuracy: (+/-)0.5mm
  • Reach: 200mm to 1500mm
  • Motors: Servo/ Close-Loop Stepper
  • Supply: Single Phase
  • Application:                                                                                                        Pick and Place, Painting, Gluing, Palatalizing etc…


Our BR-Prima range offers extremely dynamic and  super precision capability Robotic Arm . This is one of the worlds most unique and complex engineering product. We made with a mix and match of balancing Power efficiency and Accuracy.  The applied R&D involved in the development of this product  made it capable of following the industrial standards. The primary motive of making of this robotic arm was taking the ultra modern automation to the every door of small and mid-sized businesses of India and Developing Nations.The Software used in the Operations of this robot completely customizable.This series is also enabled with AI and Machine learning so as to detect orientation flaws or errors and take corrective measures for the same.


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