About Us


AshtaTech was started to with an idea of making  India self sufficient in Industrial Robotic Arm & Automation. Ashta Tech would like to serve India’s backbone i.e MSME who contributed 29% GDP in 2019 with our state of the art Products and services. To meet export quality with in time delivery is our prime vision.


Ashta Tech is working in Product as well as Service domain.
We are manufacturer of various kinds of Pick & Place Robots like Articulated Robotic Arm, Cartesian Robotic Arm, SCARA Robot etc.
Our experts are ready to take new challenges and always keen to give innovative solutions for the betterment of production,
quality, packaging, palletizing, CNC Tending etc.


The biggest strength of AshtaTech is our team. The very self motivated, passionate and enthusiastic team always ready to take challenges and comes with innovative solutions at each and every time. 

The focused, creative, keen to learn and young team is the core capability of our team and with this we are ready to give the best solutions to all industries.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” —Steve Jobs 

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