Disinfection Robots

Salute to Corona Fighters…

AshSanit robot are made for the use in disinfection of Hospitals, Offices and Malls etc. These are equipped with a Jet spray and a fogging unit for the spraying and fogging of sanitation materials. It also consists of UV light tubes for the Ultra-Violet sanitation.

  • high Spread disinfection Area.
  • User-Friendly control software.
  • Equipped with easy access emergency button.
  • Long-range WiFi unit for controls.


AshSanit robot:
The robot consists of a mobile base equipped with multiple LIDAR sensors and an array of UV lamps mounted on top. To deploy a robot, you drive it around once using a computer.
The LIDAR Technology is used to scan the environment and creating a digital map. You then annotate the map indicating all the rooms and points the robot should stop to perform disinfecting tasks.
The navigation system used by the robot to scan and loco-mate itself in the area using simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and its operations are then completely autonomous or we can call it the Auto-Pilot Mode. It’ll travel from its charging station, through hallways, up and down elevators if necessary, and perform the disinfection without human intervention before returning to recharge. For safety purpose, The robot operates only in no presence of people.  Sensors are used to detect motion and shutting the UV lights off if a person enters the area.
The Vision of the AshSanit robots is to help hospitals and public places prevent these infections in the first place.
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